Make Google Chrome faster with these easy steps

As one of the fastest browsers in the market, Google Chrome is the perfect match for quick-paced internet users of the 21st century. But like any technology that stores information, Chrome’s performance can slow down and frustrate its users. It can also affect their productivity and lower their motivation. If you’re using Chrome and finding […]

Tech Tips for Today

Today I am going to talk about two technical frustrations that have easy to do solutions.  These are things that caused me much angst every time my machine rebooted on its own.
Open recently closed tabs in Google Chrome
The first issue, and the easier one, has to do with the fact that I keep a lot of browser windows open.

New, native ad blocker coming to Opera

Ads are becoming increasingly intrusive on today’s web browsers. They can slow down the load time of pages, and cause potential security and privacy issues. So it’s no surprise that ad blockers are becoming more and more popular. However, as they do, they’re also cutting into the revenue of online advertisers.