Are you overlooking a critical aspect of data security?

Are you overlooking a critical aspect of data security?

As business owners, it’s a given that you should be concerned about cybersecurity. Here are a few more shoulds:

  • Computers should be protected by an antivirus system.
  • Data should be backed up at least once a day.
  • There should be a business class firewall in place.

These items and more are common sense steps everyone should be taking to secure their data and their business. But are you doing everything you can to protect your business from the constant spate of cyberattacks?

The impact of not doing enough is significant. Malware and phishing attacks can lead to data loss and or data breaches. This can lead to significant loss of business (and reputation) when you report the breach. And if the breach is significant, the costs can include fines, programs for those affected and bad publicity.

Have you implemented encrypted email?

Encrypting email prevents others from accessing or tampering with your messages. Email encryption can protect your (and your customers’) privacy and it can prevent impersonation of you or your contacts.

If you’ve ever received a spear phishing attempt, chances are your email or one of your contacts’ email systems has been compromised. Spear phishing is an attempt to steal sensitive info in a targeted attack to specific people. This happens because someone’s email or information has been compromised. It could start from a phishing email or it could be information gained from viewing a profile found on the internet. With this information, the attacker acts as a familiar person and sends a convincing but fraudulent email to the target.

Think about how often you might have sent potentially private info via email in the past. Once the email leaves your system, its vulnerable to a variety of dangers while it makes its way to and once it reaches the recipient. Do you know if it doesn’t go through? What about if someone else reads it? What about if the content changes along the way? If you are sending confidential emails, you need to encrypt your email. Typically, the encryption and decryption process occur without the users being impacted or aware.

If you’re on Office 365, implementing email encryption is not difficult, but you do need your IT provider to do it. Once encryption is turned on you now have a secure way to send and receive confidential and sensitive information. Whether you need it for compliance or just for best practice, email encryption is another cybersecurity tool to protect your business.

For more information on email encryption and other cybersecurity tools that you should be using in your business, give VPSG a call. We are here to help!