Streamline your processes with the right technology for competitive success

Streamline your processes with the right technology for competitive success

I meet with a lot of business owners and senior executives, and a recurring theme that appears in many of these conversations is a desire to improve their business processes. When you break it down, businesses are just a series of processes undertaken to get a job done. Unfortunately, for many organizations, too many of their processes were built based on an immediate need, with little thought towards efficiency or scalability. What worked for a small shop will likely not work well as you grow.

One great lesson learned in my business as we have grown and matured is that successful service businesses are able to focus on the outcomes for their clients, as opposed to the hours billed. Our focus on results rather than resources has reinforced the need for us to have rock solid and scalable processes for everything we do. This is especially noticeable in this age of robust technology, where holes in the process are amplified and the detrimental impact significant.

So what can you do within your organization to establish or improve the processes upon which your business’ depend? Tech Republic, an online resource, published a great article of “10 things to keep in mind when improving processes”. Documentation of your existing processes is critical at the start – since you don’t know what you don’t know. We see this all the time – companies with well documented processes and procedures perform better that their competition. They are more efficient, productive and profitable.

How can you approach a project of this magnitude? Ideally you should bring in an outside professional, as they should see beyond the “trenches”. And make sure you can rely on your technology systems. Tech plays a critical role in every aspect – identifying, documenting, managing, overseeing, scaling and more! Think about the role that technology plays in your organization right now. It is the foundation on which your processes run. For example:

- Facilitation easy collaboration between groups or departments
- Enabling remote workers
- Providing instant customer feedback or
- Improving the employee/customer experience

Technology is the one thread that runs through everything your organization does. In today’s hyper competitive business climate, technology can also help you improve your processes to improve your bottom line. Sometimes it’s the only way.

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